Success Stories 2

Professional Qigong and Taichi teacher

As a professional Qigong and Taichi teacher, the DNS Sports method has enabled me to get closer to explaining the mechanics required to to teach the movements of the Internal Arts and also to enhance my own skill and practice. It has also informed the Yoga Asana teachings as it brings us closer to the deep mechanics of the body that need to to be primed prior to dynamic movement, and also to feel what is happening during all movement. But more than this I found the breathing information the most pivotal as it transforms many key mechanics of physical movement.

The DNS approach teaches stability really quickly and effectively.

From a rehabilitation perspective, I assess breathing function first and foremost.

The practical component of the work was also exceptionally demonstrated and, like all good movement based work, it provoked a lot of investigation and self-enquiry into limitations and potential of the way we use our body. Its balance with the theory was perfect.

The teachers were easily at hand to answer questions and were exceptionally generous with sharing their knowledge and expertise.
And this allowed deeper understanding during the practical aspects of the course.

All the courses were organised wonderfully well and there was no worry if any assistance was required in any way for anything.
Thankyou Stuart, Charlotte, Ida and the Prague School.

Rajan, Jersey

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